How we build successful digital products?

Check out below how our project flow usually looks like.

  • Define

    We will ask in-depth questions about your idea, industry, core values, business goals and challenges, audience, the competition and the planned features of the product. The knowledge you share will help us with branding and product design planning.

  • Research

    Our researchers brainstorm and validate ideas on workshops together with our developers. We build user personas, unearth opportunity areas, and set design principles. The result is an equally affordable, deliverable, and user-centered solution to the challenge.

  • Design

    In this stage we finalize the product's features so you can get a thorough understanding of how your product will feel and look like - without the cost of development.

  • Develop

    Once the prototype is ready and approved, our developers will start building your product, feature by feature. Expect a working version of each feature every two-three weeks with minor adjustments available.

  • Launch

    When all features are ready, it is time to thoroughly test the product. After fixing any issues that may arise, we will deliver the product ready to launch. After the launch we will be available for change requests and further product development.